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MLM Personal Development Club (Interest)

Want support and accountability?

“Take Your Mindset and MLM Business To The Next Level…

Without paying a fortune”

Most network marketers aren't successful because they don't effectively manage their mindset or take the actions they need to!

Most network marketers do not achieve the level of success or financial freedom that they desire. The main reasons for this are:

1. Their own mindset holds them back and they never achieve their desires

2. They are influenced by the negative people around them, which causes them to stay stuck

3. They lack support and accountability from other people to take them to the next level

4. They don't know how to improve their mindset or develop themselves

5. They don't take the required actions or establish positive habits

This often leads to depression, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, shame and guilt, and has a negative effect on all aspects of their life, including their wealth, health, career and relationships.

Decide TODAY to take a positive step forward. Join the MLM Personal Development Club...

SUCCESSFUL network marketers get help from coaches and mentors, and form relationships with positive people.

I want to give you that opportunity...

When You Join The MLM Personal Development Club, You Will:

1. LEARN new mindset/personal development activities and practices

2. Consistently APPLY a range of mindset/personal development activities and practices

3. Receive ACCOUNTABILITY and support

4. Gain supportive RELATIONSHIPS with other NETWORK MARKETERS

5. Improve your MINDSET and achieve more BUSINESS SUCCESS

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

 ✔️ Overcoming procrastination

✔️ Increasing motivation

✔️ Increasing confidence

✔️ Becoming more resilient

✔️ Overcoming challenges

✔️ Increasing self-worth/self-esteem

✔️ Enhancing self-belief

✔️ Improving leadership skills

✔️ The mindset of selling

✔️ Managing thoughts and emotions

Here's how it works:

Once every 2 weeks, members attend an online 30-minute Zoom meeting.

  • During the meeting:

    • A new personal development activity will be instructed

    • You will have the opportunity to give your own feedback/findings from the previous week's activity

  • Prior to the next meeting:

    • You will carry out the personal development activity

    • You will be be supported within a WhatsApp group and with access to an online portal

(You may cancel at any time)

👍 The monthly investment is just £10 per month 👍

(Can be cancelled anytime)

👍 Or yearly investment of only £100 (saving £20) 👍

Here's what some of the Club members say...

"I've been offered various personal development courses, all of which promise life changing benefits. The MLM Personal Development Club is the only one that doesn't require a substantial financial outlay. It offers realistic and achievable goals. I particularly enjoy working within a small group where we bounce ideas off each other. Meeting fortnightly means there's enough time in between sessions to process what we're learning and put it into practice.”

Annette Agard-Vernon (Network Marketer)

"Being part of James Dand’s MLM Personal Development Club has been great for me. Not only have I got to know other people on the same journey, experiencing the same challenges as me, but also realising they feel the same way about their business and lack of accountability. James has encouraged us to look at our thoughts and beliefs and how our past has affected how we see ourselves, which in turn affects how we view our business.

I would definitely recommend joining this to other network marketers.”

Carol Lewis (Network Marketer)

"I’ve learnt a lot of great skills which I’ve started to develop and apply in my daily life. I’ve really felt like a new version of me has started since becoming a member. If you want to learn lots about yourself then I’d highly recommend you become a member yourself. James is an amazing and outstanding personal development teacher - you won’t find anyone else better."

Louisa Moulton (Network Marketer)

“The tools I am learning are definitely helping me to change the way I look at my business and myself. I am so appreciative for the journey I have started and highly recommend James’ MLM Personal Development Club to anyone seeking personal growth.”

Adele Knight (Network Marketer)

"I had a stressful period and had headaches for a couple of weeks. The guidance and coaching we received from James helped me identify what was stressing me out, and I managed to get rid of my headaches and stress by focusing on the outcome and not on the perceived  overwhelming challenge I was facing. Thanks James I want to highly  recommend the Personal Development Club…  really, really valuable."

Graham Cosier (Network Marketer)

Since starting my journey with the MLM PD Club it’s helped me realise a lot about my own personal journey and where I need to focus improvement on. My favourite thing is having an accountability group that we check in with (we get such great value!). It’s really pushed me to try new development skills, build habits and push myself out of my comfort zone which is all a part of growing as a person.

Massive thanks to James for his time; he’s very passionate, understanding and patient, and always has wise words to share with the group.”

Lauren Brown (Network Marketer)

I like that we are a small group of people in a WhatsApp group, which means that everyone feels included, and we are able to speak freely. I would recommend joining this PD club to anyone who would like to learn how to identify issues hindering them from progressing in their career. They will be guided by James to explore techniques to understand their mindset and their motivation.”

Jackie Jones (Network Marketer)

"James is very passionate about helping people to feel good about themselves and he’s a great role model. The video calls that James hosts are fun and motivating, and each one provides a new activity that helps to create consistent personal growth. The support group in between each session enables you to share the experience of doing the task and motivate one another; this is so valuable, as it helps you to keep doing the mindset tasks and it feels great to help others do the same!"

Andrew B.

“Having the other club members on the WhatsApp group has been the nudge and push I need to maintain my continuous progress on my path.  No judgements are made by any of the other members in our group and they always have positive motivational messages.”

Mícheál Joyce

“The Personal Development Club is helping me a lot. I'd highly recommend it for anyone out there struggling to share their thoughts with others and fears being judged or is finding it hard to come to terms with others' opinions respectfully.”

Khadijah Jabbie (Network Marketer)

👍 The monthly investment is just £10 per month 👍

(Can be cancelled anytime)

👍 Or yearly investment of only £100 (saving £20) 👍

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