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Personal Development Club

Want support and accountability?

“Take Your Mindset and Success To The Next Level…

Without paying a fortune”

Most people aren't successful because they don't get the support they need

Most people do not achieve the level of happiness or success that they desire. The main reasons for this are:

1. Their own mindset holds them back and they never achieve their desires

2. They are influenced by the negative environment around them, which causes them to stay stuck

3. They lack support and accountability from other people to take them to the next level

4. They don't know how to improve their mindset or develop themselves

5. They don't take the required actions or establish positive habits

This often leads to depression, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, shame and guilt, and has a negative effect on all aspects of their life, including their wealth, health, career and relationships.

Decide TODAY to take a positive step forward. Join the Personal Development Club...

SUCCESSFUL people get help from coaches and mentors, and form relationships with positive people.

I want to give you that opportunity...

When You Join The Personal Development Club, You Will:

1. Regularly learn and apply a range of proven mindset/personal development activities and practices

2. Receive ongoing accountability and support

3. Form beneficial, positive relationships with other like-minded people

4. Improve your mindset and your life (including your health, relationships, wealth, career etc.)

Here's how it works:

Once every 2 weeks, you will attend an online 30-minute Zoom meeting on Wednesdays at 3.30-4pm (UK time-zone).

During the meeting:

  • A new personal development activity will be instructed

  • You will have the opportunity to give your own feedback/findings from the previous week's activity

  • You will be allocated an accountability partner from the attendees

Prior to the next meeting:

  • You will perform the personal development activity

  • You will be in contact with your supportive accountability partner

What to do now...

Here's what happens next:

  1. Once you have joined the club by clicking the button and filling in your details, you will be contacted by James Dand, who will send you meeting dates and access details

  2. You will receive the first 2 sessions for free, and then your bank account will be debited each month

(You may cancel at any time)

Here's what some of the Club members say...

"I joined the club as I realised I needed to boost my self-confidence and feel at ease with myself, but most importantly that I would have a support system to point me along the journey when I did not have the motivation. 

Having the other accountability members has been the nudge and push I need to maintain my continuous progress on my path.  No judgements are made by any of the other members in our group and they always have positive motivational messages. They have inspired me to think differently and in turn be aware of them needing input also. 

I would have the greatest pleasure in recommending this Club for anybody who wants to feel better inside themselves by being the best person they are capable of."

Mícheál Joyce (Quantity Surveyor)

"I had a stressful period whilst I was doing major renovation on a rental property we own , I had headaches for a couple of weeks and I never get headaches,  the guidance and coaching we received from James helped me identify what was stressing me out and giving me headaches , my self-talk and focus was all looking at the amount of work that needed to be done , it felt like I was at the bottom of Everest.

James helped me by getting me to take notice of what I was saying to myself,  and I managed to get rid of my headaches and stress by focusing on the outcome and not on the perceived  overwhelming challenge I was facing , thanks James I want to highly  recommend the Personal development club,  really, really valuable."

Graham Cosier (Network Marketer)

"I’ve learnt a lot of great skills which I’ve started to develop and apply in my daily life. From breathing exercises to looking at how I’ve coped in situations, and the great hurdles I’ve overcome along the way as well. I’ve really felt like a new version of me has started since becoming a member, and if you want to learn lots about yourself then I’d highly recommend you become a member yourself. James is an amazing and outstanding personal development teacher - you won’t find anyone else better."

Louisa Moulton (Network Marketer)

"James is very passionate about helping people to feel good about themselves and he’s a great role model. The video calls that James hosts are fun and motivating, and each one provides a new activity that helps to create consistent personal growth. The support group in between each session enables you to share the experience of doing the task and motivate one another; this is so valuable, as it helps you to keep doing the mindset tasks and it feels great to help others do the same!"

Andrew B.

(Your first 2 sessions are free, then £10 per month thereafter. You can cancel anytime).

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