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Healing & Believing Series #1

Want to Transform your Mindset and Heal your Body?

"Receive Healing and Therapy from 14 Professionals

With Lifetime Access!"

Want to optimise your mind and body?

Feeling stuck?

Negative thoughts?

Want to feel better?

Many people don’t choose to receive the help they need:

  • "Therapy costs too much money"
  • "How will I know if it will work?"
  • "I don’t know where to start"
  • "I don’t understand or trust it"
  • "I haven’t got the time"
  • "It’s too woo-woo!"

"You deserve to be the best version of yourself without investing excessive time and money"

(An online video portal containing 14 pre-recorded therapy sessions, plus much more)!...

The Healing and Believing Series #1 is an online portal containing a range of pre-recorded videos that enables you to:

  • Heal your body and transform your mindset
  • Experience and “try-out” a wide range of healing and therapy modalities and practices
  • Get massive value at affordable prices
  • Connect with a range of therapists and healers
  • Ask specific questions and receive advice
  • Access the video-based sessions over and over again with lifetime access
  • Save time by accessing everything in one place


"I know what it feels like to feel stuck and not in control of your life!"

My name is James Dand, and I'm the creator of the Healing & Believing Series.

However, for many years I suffered from low self-esteem, low confidence and was stuck in a job that I didn’t enjoy.

So, I decided to invest thousands of pounds in my own development, training with several of the world’s top coaches and a range of therapists to improve my own mindset. Although I felt intimidated at times, and was unsure as to what would benefit me, all of this helped me to become:

  • The UK’s leading Empowerment Songwriter
  • An international speaker, speaking on stage to audiences of 300+ people in Europe and the UK
  • A best-selling author of a personal development book

I also gained qualifications in NLP, Law of Attraction, and Life Coaching amongst others.

What to Do Now:

Steps to take

Within the Healing and Believing Series Portal Here’s What You’ll Get…

1. LIFETIME ACCESS to 14 X pre-recorded 30-60 minute video guided healing/therapy sessions   (ALL IN ONE PLATFORM)

2. GAIN KNOWLEDGE from 14 qualified and experienced healers/therapists   (LEARN AND GROW)

3. EXPERIENCE a WIDE-RANGE OF HEALING MODALITIES AND TECHNIQUES including:     Hypnosis; NLP; Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); Sound Healing; Balance Procedure; Mind-Body Healing; Timeline Therapy; Music-Based Healing; Visualisation; Meditation; plus much more   (RECEIVE MASSIVE VALUE)

4. Get further SUPPORT, ASSISTANCE and ADVICE through a limited-time SUPPORT GROUP and Q&A sessions with the healers/therapists    (MAXIMISE SUCCESS)

5. RECEIVE NUMEROUS BENEFITS including:   overcoming anxiety and fear; eliminating self-doubt; forgiveness; eliminating negative thoughts; overcoming phobias; becoming your authentic self; physical healing; maintaining a positive mindset; plus much, much more! (TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE)


Meet Your Healers/Therapists:

  1. Aaron Timms - Mind Body Healing Coach
  2. Amanda O’Reily - The Rebel Way™, Transformation Coach, Colour & Healing Energy Practitioner
  3. Chris Williams - Hypnotherapist
  4. Clare Turner - EFT Coach
  5. Jad Orlinska - Intuitive Energy Coach & Healer
  6. James Dand - Empowerment Songwriter & Trainer, International Speaker and Author
  7. Jemma Rosenthal - Artist, Performer, Creative Healing and Performance Coach
  8. Judith Quin - Voice Vibration Sound Healer, Oracle Card Deck Creator
  9. Lee McClellan  - Online NLP, Time-Line and Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  10. Liz Almond - The Mindset Shifter - Author, Small Business Mentor to the Wellness Sector, therapist and coach
  11. Nathalie Carden - Shamanic Sound And Energy Healer, Rahanni Healer, Tuning Fork Therapist, Quantum Reiki Healer
  12. Rae Caroline Calnan - Energy Healer & Guide with the assistance of the Angels
  13. Suman Manghra - Mindset & Spiritual Development Coach
  14. Verena Potočnik - EFT and Confidence Coach

Why should you purchase this?

I know you are the kind of person who wants to feel good about yourself. In order to be that way, you need to be able heal your mind and body, and control your mindset. The problem is most people are not willing to invest money or time in healing and therapy sessions. I believe that you shouldn’t have to spend countless hours and vast sums of money to get the help that you want. I understands what it feels like to not be happy, but not be sure of the best way to change this. That’s why I have brought together this range of therapists and healers.

Here’s how it works;

1. Access the series;

2. Try-out the range of modalities;

3. Receive further support and assistance.

So, click on the button below, so you can stop being a lesser version of yourself, or wasting time and money on trying to make improvements, and start to become who you were meant to be.


 There Is NO CATCH!

  • It’s a one-off payment for a lifetime of access

  • There's NO hidden "continuity program"

You benefit from experiencing the therapies, and the healers ... and the therapists, (including me), benefit by showcasing what we do, so you may decide to buy some more products or services from us.


Here Is My "Crazy" Guarantee…

  • I 100% guarantee that you'll love this series, or I'll return your money.

  • Just let me know within 7 days and I will give 100% of your money back to you.


It’s 100% risk free!

Click The Button Below...

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Video Previews

Here's some extracts of the amazing content within this Series

Welcome: (Please Watch First)

Welcome to the Healing & Believing Series #1

Claire Turner

EFT for Overcoming Self Doubt

Aaron Timms

Mind Body Healing Made Simple - The Embodied Experience

Amanda O’Reilly

Colour hypnosis for releasing previous traumas and promoting relaxation

Jemma Rosenthal

How to be your authentic self

Rae Caroline Calnan

Past, present, future and Angelic reiki

Lee McClellan

NLP anchoring and self-hypnosis for confidence and relaxation

Nathalie Carden

Tuning Forks and Light Language on releasing stress, anxiety and fear from the chakras, the physical, and emotional body to promote peace and Balance.

Liz Almond

Using holistic therapies and self-empowerment techniques to heal yourself

James Dand

Music-Based Mindset Methods for Creating Success

Verena Potočnik

EFT for overcoming negative thoughts to become more confident

Judith Quin

Voice-Vibration Sound healing to release stress and fears

Jad Orlinska

Introducing The Energy Alignment Method to transform your energy and change your life

Live Q&A sessions

Live Q&A with the therapists/healers

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