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The Essential Morning-Routine Kit

Want more success in your life?

“Here’s the tools you need for a beneficial morning routine …

That will make you feel great everyday”

The success of your day depends upon how you start it!

When they wake up, most people:

- Hit the snooze button

- Feel tired and grumpy

- Feel stressed and unmotivated

SUCCESSFUL people have SUCCESSFUL morning routines!

But most people start their day with:

- FAILURE ... when they fail to get up when they know they should

- WASTED TIME ... when they keep hitting the snooze button

- DREAD ... when they think about the upcoming day consisting of their unfulfilling job, traffic delays and long to-do-lists

- NEGATIVE DISTRACTIONS ... when they check their social media, emails or the news

- FRUSTRATION ...  when they deal with external needs before their own, such as taking out the rubbish, getting the children’s breakfast ready or letting their pets out into the garden

- STRESS ... when they end up running late and rushing around to get everything done in time

Having an effective positive morning enables you start your day off in the right way before the challenges take hold!

Here are the tools you need...

The Essential Morning Routine Kit enables you to:

1. Start the day off feeling great

2. Be more in control of your life

3. Achieve more throughout your day

4. Attract the things you want into your life

5. Enhance your mental and physical well-being

"I know what it feels like to dread getting out of bed and feel stressed every morning!"

My name is James Dand, from “Inner Anthem”, and for many years my mornings were stressful and un-motivating. I then immersed myself in personal development, and knew that I would benefit from establishing a successful morning routine practice, including things such as meditation, gratitude and visualisation.


However, my concerns were:

  • I didn’t want to get up at 4am or 5am like many of the “gurus” were suggesting
  • I was tired from sleepless nights due to attending to my young daughter during the night
  • My wife often went out running in the mornings, which left me to deal with our young daughter first thing
  • I had a snooze button addiction!


Most people haven’t got the lifestyle that allows them to perform a perfect, one-size-fits-all, 5am, 1-hour+ morning routine that the “gurus” prescribe!


However, I found ways of:

  • Sticking to it, and loving it
  • Adapting my morning routine, so that it worked for my lifestyle and daily demands
  • Applying specific practices that get fantastic results in a short space of time


I started creating my own tools to help me optimise the benefits of my morning routine…


The Essential Morning-Routine Kit

Most people’s mornings are stressful and uninspiring. The Essential Morning-Routine Kit will allow you to consistently implement your own highly effective morning routine that will make you feel great early on and help you to achieve more throughout your day.

Within The Essential Morning-Routine Kit, Here’s What You’ll Get…

Want to know how to create a successful morning routine?

This online video course and workbook will:

  • Expose the myths surrounding morning routines, so that you know the truth
  • Teach you why most morning routines fail, so that you can avoid these pitfalls
  • Guide you through the various morning routine components and activities, so that you apply them effectively. These include activities for physical health, mindset and daily life planning
  • Expose the potential mindset blocks that may be stopping you from sticking to an effective routine, so that you can eliminate them
  • Inform you of the things that you MUST avoid first thing in the mornings to ensure success
  • Provide you with a proven 5-step process for creating and implementing your own successful morning routine

Want to get the most bang-for-your-buck?

Access this range of simple-to-use tools that:

  • Help guide you through the processes
  • Reduce time wastage
  • Eliminate external distractions
  • Increase the quality of your routine
  • Increase your motivation

 These include:

  • Powerful guided visualisations, meditations, and manifestation processes (available as audio-files for downloading and streaming)
  • Simple-to-use templates
  • A range of phone wallpapers


Have concerns that a morning routine won’t benefit you?

Watch this video series that provides 10 top-tips and practical hacks that will help you to guarantee success and reap the rewards.

Become a “morning routine master,” and love the process.


Worried that you lack the commitment and won’t be able to stick to it?

Access a range of resources that will help you establish a consistent morning routine practice.

These resources will help you plan your routine, get started with it, stick with it, and review your progress.


Don’t know where to start?   Worried that it will take too long, or that you’ll have to get up too early?

If you want to follow something that works, The Morning Routine Planner Template Pack provides you with 28 different weekly templates that range from 0 (yes … zero!) hours per day, through to 60-minute morning routines.

Simply, follow the plans or adapt them to what works best for you … even if you work shifts or have a young family.


Why buy The Essential Morning Routine Kit?

I know first-hand that mornings can be challenging and stressful, and I know what it’s like to have a young family and other daily demands. However, here’s what I’ve found:


  • Carrying out a consistent, effective morning routine practice will enable you to feel great in the mornings by elevating your motivation, energy and mood, allowing you to create a more successful day.

  • By following the guidance and using the easy-to-use tools and resources, you will not only find your morning routine more enjoyable to complete, but you will also notice the benefits in the different areas of your life, including your health and relationships.

  • You do NOT have to get up really early, or carry out a really long, uninspiring morning routine. You do NOT have to try to stick to a difficult one-size-fits all approach. Instead, you can benefit from a routine that is quick, fun and simple to do, and one that works around your own lifestyle and daily commitments.


Here's what others have to say about The Essential Morning Routine Kit:

"I've used loads and loads of tools, and I've had loads of morning routines over the years, and I've got to be honest... nothing compares to the Essential Morning Kit"   (Dr. Danny Scahill)

"The morning routine kit has made me realise how easy it is to form small habits and how small habits can actually change your mindset. It’s helped me to move away from unhelpful thinking styles I’ve been stuck in for years and I’ve become more productive because of it. I would even say that I’m physically healthier because of it, even when time is in short supply and I’m not thinking about focussing on my mindset work, I wake up and start my day with some water to hydrate – a new really simple but really positive habit – thanks James for all the motivation and tools I’ve now got to ensure I’m in the best place for whatever the day throws at me."   (Andrew Butterworth)


There Is NO CATCH!

  • It’s a one-off payment for a lifetime of access
  • There's NO hidden "continuity program"
  • You’ll get instant access to everything.


Time Is Of The Essence...

  • The longer you put off applying an optimal morning routine in your life, the longer it will take you to achieve your next goals of more happiness and success.

Here Is My "Crazy" Guarantee…

  • I 100% guarantee that you'll love this product, or I'll return your money. Just let me know within 30 days and I will give 100% of your money back to you.


It’s 100% risk free!

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Morning Routine Success Tools

A range of simple-to-use tools that will optimise your results and save you time. Includes:

  • Guidebook
  • Audio files
  • Templates
  • Phone wallpapers

The Morning Routine Commitment Builder

A range of resources that will help you establish a consistent morning routine practice, helping you plan your routine, get started with it, stick with it, and review your progress. Includes:

  • PDF Guide
  • Audio file
  • Templates
  • Phone wallpapers

The Morning Routine Planner Template Pack

28 different weekly templates that range from 0 to 60-minute morning routines. Simply, follow the plans or adapt them to what works best for you. Includes:

  • Weekly plans
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